Eclipse by Naomi Rincon Gallardo

Baltic 42 contributions

For our 2023 exhibition Stepping Softly on the Earth, Naomi Rincon Gallardo presents Eclipse, a new video work drawing on ancestoral mythologies.

An eclipse heralds the end of another world, among multiple extinctions. In that chiaroscuro, Mesoamerican mythical figures related to death and dismemberment. When the moon devours the Sun it is feared that night will prevail forever and the Tzitzimimes will descend to Earth to eat up men. 

Stepping Softly on the Earth is a research-led exhibition bringing together the work of 20, mostly non-Western and Indigenous, artists.

© the artist.

Naomi Rincón Gallardo: Eclipse. 2023.

Video HD. 18’01”

Photo-documentation: Claudia López Terroso

November 30, 2023