Crest by Mani Kambo

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For Hinterlands (2022) Mani Kambo presents a series of newly produced banners, which stand as emblems of a tribe, clan, lineage or collective group. They are reminiscent of historical processions and parades in which they could have been deployed. Within the banners, symbols connect the human form to multiple cosmologies. Hands are often present within Kambo’s works, representing the mother, the protector.

Mani Kambo explores the inner spirit by drawing personal symbols, influenced by her upbringing in a Sikh household filled with superstition, prayer and religious ceremony. Her use of textile, fabric dying and printmaking is rooted in Kambo’s family history within the caste system. Her work investigates everyday and mythological objects, routines and rituals.

This image was taken by the artist in Chopwell Woods.


November 30, 2023