Nature & Nurture

Mapping our relationship with nature through art and creativity

Share your creative responses to the inspiring natural world around you – photos, videos, sounds or text! We’ll share some posts from our staff and Baltic’s archive too.

Animal life, life with animals

Animals are never far away from us. From our window, our workplace or when out walking near rivers, parks and trees. Many of us share our homes with domestic animals and care for wildlife in our garden rituals. Share something today about animal life that you’ve enjoyed seeing, hearing or creating.

Be Creative Outside

Be playful and creative whilst exploring the world around us. We’re suggesting ways to create something for yourself and upload here to share with others. We can’t wait to see what this collection might grow into.

Nature Indoors

We bring plants into our homes and sometimes we grows plants in gardens, yardens, flowerboxes or allotments. Botanicals, vegetables and fruit are crucial parts of everyday cooking and eating. Share what you cultivate and how nature is part of your indoor life.

Surrounded by water

We’re never that far from water. Water is everyday but amazing. Entire ecosystems live at our quaysides, beaches, rivers and ponds. The River Tyne is home to many species we rarely notice, like eels, otters and molluscs. Share your artistic creations and experiences of the sights, sound and natural wonder of water.

Caring for Earth

How do we care for the earth beneath our feet? We invite you to creatively explore our relationship with land through images, sound, video and text. Take a look at the prompts and upload your creation to share with us and others.