Animal life, life with animals

Animals are never far away from us. From our window, our workplace or when out walking near rivers, parks and trees. Many of us share our homes with domestic animals and care for wildlife in our garden rituals. Share something today about animal life that you’ve enjoyed seeing, hearing or creating.

The birds and the bees

Have you seen a bird or bee today? Have you sketched a bird recently or photographed a bee in your garden? We’d love to receive your uploads. It could be an audio clip of birdsong, a painting of your favourite bird or a beautiful beehive. At Baltic we share the building with the beloved kittiwakes, and care for bees in our rooftop beehives so we couldn’t not share our photos and videos of them.

Endangered or Thriving in Gateshead

Some animals - like Red Kites-  are now thriving in habitats near Baltic, and in the surrounding areas. And yet one in six UK species is at risk of extinction from changes in the environment, climate change, agriculture and local biodiversity. Many animals we see as everyday- like starlings and hedgehogs - have rapidly declined in population.  Share your uploads so that we can celebrate thriving animal life or think about ways to help endangered species.