‘Hamare Siyal Rishte’ – Karachi Lajamia

Baltic 42 contributions

© Shahana Rajani and Zahra Malkani

For Stepping Softly on the Earth (2023) at Baltic, Karachi LaJamia presented Hamare Siyal Rishte (2021 – ongoing), translated to ‘Our Watery Relations’, a course and research project to explore pedagogical methods and practices that acknowledge, affirm and expand our deep-time connections with our aquatic kin and the communities at the forefront of environmental resistance in coastal and riverine Pakistan today.

Karachi LaJamia, founded by Shahana Rajani and Zahra Malkani in 2015, is an anti-institution based out of Karachi, Pakistan. It seeks to politicise art education and collectively explore new radical pedagogies and art practices.

November 16, 2023