Carolina Caycedo – Tyne Catchment 2019

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Carolina Caycedo – Tyne Catchment 2019

Colour pencil on paper

Drawing by Robben Muñoz

Research by Rose McMurray

Tyne Catchment is Caycedo’s latest drawing in her ongoing River Drawings series,  commissioned by BALTIC. It was hand-drawn in Los Angeles by Caycedo’s collaborator, Robben Muñoz, in response to in-depth research conducted locally into the Tyne catchment area by Rose McMurray in 2021.

The drawing follows the River Tyne’s journey from Alston and the Kielder and Derwent reservoirs to its meeting with the North Sea. It fuses multiple perspectives and reference points across time. It includes vignettes of current sites, ecosystems, historical events, and mythological tales; notably featuring the region’s historic bridges and industrial past, political gatherings, labour movements, migrant communities, and distinctive folklore. Many of the stories shown in the work directly reference archival photos and oral histories, gathered through interviews with local communities connected to the river, such as fisher folk, leisure groups, and river restoration workers.

Image credits:

Tom Nolan

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November 17, 2023